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Disclaimer: venting at the political actions of Bishop Kenny students

As a whole, I have come to realize Bishop Kenny students are quite corrupt.

Big deal, it's election day, the majority of us at school CAN'T VOTE, and I HIGHLY doubt what you say to me is going to change my view. I am not sorry for what I was raised to believe in. I support Bush as our President wholeheartedly. I believe he will do what is best for us. But when someone comes along who I agree with on my own beliefs, I am going to support them in their run for President. So to the BK students? That's great that most of you love Bush so much and want him to win. I support your decision to even be active in the politics going on. But just because I go against the grain so to speak and am not afraid to express my OPINION rationally when it comes up, does not give you the right to trash talk political leaders of our country like there aren't people sitting right there who could be a bit offended. And DURING class. School for me is not a place to be critisized for my view on polictics. I do not in ANY way dislike any of you for supporting Bush...yet people are telling me they "hate" me for supporting Kerry? People who I don't even know?? Lovely. I have to put up with people telling ME that our country is going to hell because of who I support. Thanks, I didn't tell you my opinion so don't shove yours in my face. Honestly what am I going to do about it anyways?

So, what gets me... I go out to my car today, minding my own business, and there is a Bush sticker over my Kerry one. On MY car. That is pushing it, my friends. I am fully entitled to my opinion and I don't care if you don't like it. I let you have yours and I have said NOTHING disrespectful about Bush in any way about his decisions thus far, unlike what I hear from the mouths of my peers everyday. So please, keep your political views to yourself or at least don't force them upon me. Completely disrespectful and rude. I have almost never been so astonished at Catholic school students in my life.
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