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I realize this.

So I bet you're wondering: Argie, how's school?

I guess I'm excited about having something to do. I don't focus on the social aspect of school as much as I used to. People are okay.. but I'm not going to bust my butt trying to make new friends. Grades are most important to me this year, and I have that set in my mind. I don't know about my goal to be on track-- first and foremost will be my grades. BUT I'LL STILL HAVE A BIG SMILE ON MY FACE :D

In regards to my community (yes, MY community), kenny_kids, I have this to say: Keep joining. Keep it coming. Stay. I see nothing wrong with our community, free speech, and getting to know fellow students just a little bit more. We don't talk about drugs or alcohol, and although we have our complaints here and there, we are good kids. I do my part in moderating the community, and I'm going to try to make sure no "perverts" seep in. I honestly don't know what the big deal is: kenny_kids is not affiliated with the school. I plan on seeing the deans about this, because it should NOT be a big deal!

And if you still see a problem with it, Administration, have at me! I've already lost my money and gotten over it; I could probably take a central or two.
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